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Our goal for New England at Automotive Innovations of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, is to provide our customers with access to the best sales, service and repair of all the leading Honda mobility vehicles, hand controls and devices that can offer them greater freedom and independence. We provide a full line of VMI, or Vantage Mobility International products, and we have a team of Certified Mobility Consultants who are always ready to help you learn about the benefits and features of Honda wheelchair accessible minivans, new and used wheelchair vehicles, Ricon lifts, and more.

We can help by recommending important features such as transfer seats. We have a wide variety of used honda mobility vans in stock and we accept trade in vehicles as well. All of our mobility vehicles offer tie downs and other important safety features as well as the ability to be easily upgraded with EZ Locks and other equipment.

Were a member of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association as well as a preferred dealer for VMI in Bridgewater, MA. Whenever you contact one of our Certified Mobility Consultants, you can rest assured that you are contacting a professional team member who will always offer the highest quality service in the business. We adhere to the highest standards in the industry so that we can always provide our customers with the best service possible.

As a Honda Mobility Dealer, Automotive Innovations of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, understands what your needs and desires are. Contact us today for a demonstration on what our vehicles and equipment can offer to help make your life more mobile and more convenient. Our Certified Mobility Consultants will be happy to answer all of your questions and will gladly take the time to discuss handicapped accessible vans and options that you feel might be the best fit to meet and fulfill your mobility needs.

We been designing, engineering, selling and installing mobility equipment like hand controls, zero effort steering, servo steering, servo gas brake left foot gas pedals and installing them for more than 25 years.

The Honda Customer Mobility Assistance Program

Honda recognizes the additional expenses associated with owning an adaptive vehicle and has established a special program designed to defer some of the expenses associated with vehicle conversion. If you’re considering the purchase of a Honda wheelchair van, you will want to take advantage of this program.

The Customer Mobility Assistance Program provides buyers with reimbursement for up to $1,000 in expenses related to the installation of qualifying equipment on any leased or purchased Honda vehicle. It is not the most substantial assistance program available, but it can be used in conjunction with other benefits and most people will qualify for the program rather easily.

Download the Mobility Assistance Brochure

Download Rebate Application HERE


Honda Odyssey with VMI Northstar Conversion
Honda Odyssey Northstar
VMI Summit handicap van conversion

Honda Odyssey wheelchair accessible vans with the VMI Northstar handicap van conversion the industry's best side entry, lowered floor premium handicap vans for sale. The Honda Odyssey has earned many awards, including the IntelliChoice “Best Overall Van of the Year”. By taking the best-in-class minivan and modifying it with the finest wheelchair accessible conversion available, Mobility Sales provides the best of both worlds.

The Honda Odyssey provides a 244 horsepower engine as well as the exciting Honda engineering at its core. The Northstar wheelchair van has long been viewed as the leader in lowered floor handicap vans, in part, because with over 14 years of service it provides the highest level of quality and reliability.

With multiple seating options for wheelchair users in this great wheelchair van, you can take the whole family along. The Honda Odyssey with the VMI Northstar disability conversion floor plan provides the most available wheelchair maneuvering space of any premium handicap minivan available. No detail has gone overlooked, all the way down to the spare tire being stored in the driver's side wall of the rear hatch, leaving you even more cargo room behind the back seat of this mobility vehicle.

Honda Odyssey wheelchair vans have quickly become a top seller for VMI, in part due to their stylish appearance. However, there is more than meets the eye to these mobility van conversions, and wheelchair access in a Honda Odyssey minivan is unlike any other.

Honda Odyssey with VMI Northstar Conversion

The VMI Northstar wheelchair van conversion on Honda Odyssey minivans represents the newest evolution of handicap minivans from Vantage Mobility International. Most amenities originally in these minivans is retained, and a power in-floor wheelchair ramp and lowered floor form the foundation for one of the best wheelchair vehicles in America.

Honda in-floor ramp vans

To satisfy our customers’ needs for additional interior space and a clean, obstruction-free accessible vehicle interior, VMI pioneered the development of the Northstar in-floor wheelchair ramp system for the Honda Odyssey minivan. After almost two decades of refinement, the Northstar remains the most technologically advanced handicap ramp system on the market. Instead of taking up space inside the handicap vehicle, the Northstar wheelchair ramp simply rolls out from beneath the floor. When one considers the advantages of the Northstar in-floor wheelchair ramp system, there is no question why the Northstar is far and away VMI’s best-selling product.


Folding Ramp Wheelchair Vans

The goal was concise, the solution, expansive. The Summit handicap van conversion delivers space in an innovative way: through a uniquely powered fold-out wheelchair ramp that delivers more interior space than other competitors ramp van systems. For added safety, two inch side rails keep wheelchairs securely on track. Power Kneel™ technology provides ease of access by reducing the angle of the aluminum van ramp. Tumble forward third-row seating offers more storage space, form, function, and harmony. In maximizing the innovative design of our handicap minivan, we've put considerable space between our competitors and ourselves.

A power folding handicap ramp provides disability access in Honda Odyssey minivans converted with a VMI Summit handicap van conversion. Additional features like a lowered floor, removable seats, and power kneel are incorporated into these mobility vehicles to offer unprecedented wheelchair access for those who are disabled.

If you would like more information on this or other exciting Honda wheelchair vans, We have several Certified Mobility Consultants who would be glad to answer your questions. Contact us today at 508-697-6006 to learn how the Odyssey with the VMI Northstar handicap conversion van can open up your world to endless possibilities.


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